Labour: Govt leaves land vacant amid housing crisis

  • 04/09/2016
Labour housing spokesman Phil Twyford (Simon Wong)
Labour housing spokesman Phil Twyford (Simon Wong)

Labour is accusing the Government of neglecting vacant land it says should be used to help ease the housing crisis.

Labour housing spokesman Phil Twyford says 8000 square metres of "prime residential land" has been left vacant for three years.

"The Government has left this land on Asquith Ave in the Auckland suburb of Mt Albert empty after evicting Housing NZ tenants and demolishing the units," he says.

"The land has even had fast-tracked consenting as one of Nick Smith's so-called Special Housing Areas. But three years on, there is no sign of construction."

Mr Twyford says he would like to see the land be used for new homes.

"It is hard to know whether this is bureaucratic inertia, or more denial that there's a housing crisis, or both."

The Government missed its own target of 2000 new state homes by December 2015, only completing 1038.

Labour has pledged to build 100,000 "affordable homes for first-home buyers" if elected.