New Zealand People's Party is a 'National Party front' - Winston Peters

(Simon Wong / Newshub.)
(Simon Wong / Newshub.)

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has lashed out again at the new Indian-led New Zealand People's Party, accusing it of being a front for the National Party.

Speaking to TV3's The Nation, Mr Peters accused the New Zealand People's Party of trying to split the Labour vote in the Mt Roskill electorate, thus enabling National to win the seat.

"The spokesperson… for that party just at a recent raffle fundraising for the National Party offered $20,000 in a bid for the Prime Minister to have breakfast at his place," Mr Peters said on Saturday.

"He got beaten by a bid of $27,000. This is a National Party front."

"It splits other party's votes… They're setting up a movement based on race and my party is utterly opposed to it."

Mt Roskill could face a by-election if Labour MP Phil Goff wins the Auckland mayoralty and leaves his job as electorate MP there.

The New Zealand People's party was recently created following a spate of crimes against Indian shop owners, but Mr Peters says it's not needed.