NZ First: National, Labour 'like Pepsi and Coke'

(Simon Wong / Newshub.)
(Simon Wong / Newshub.)

New Zealand First deputy leader Ron Mark has delivered a passionate speech at the party's conference, saying National and Labour have "had their day".

At New Zealand First's conference in Dunedin, Mr Mark blasted the two major parties, comparing them to Pepsi and Coke, which he alleges tastes the same.

He said if people want change, New Zealand First is ready to govern.

"These two are the same - National, Labour. There's only one party that stands for New Zealand's history, its heritage, retaining New Zealand's flag, and that is New Zealand First.

"Enough is enough. These two old hats - National and Labour - have had their day. It's time this country woke up to the fact that these two recidivist offenders, who have ruled between them, are the same.

"Red or blue, there is nothing new. Like Pepsi and Coke, they are the same. Take them out of their red packaging, their blue packaging, have a sip, tell me if you can tell the difference because most people cannot.

"Things are never going to change if we simply switch between National and Labour. There is a party that's ready to govern."