NZ First unimpressed by National's 'jobs for the boys'


The leader of New Zealand First has taken another stab at the National party's so-called 'white bro-reaucracy'.

Winston Peters says if he's part of the next government, National MP Maurice Williamson could be out of a job.

The former minister has been offered the role of Consul-General in Los Angeles.

Maurice Williamson goes to Hollywood with cushy new job

Mr Peters is not impressed with the latest appointment.

"The National party has an awful sense of entitlement, sort of born to rule, and whether they are qualified to be offshore on these important posts, it doesn't matter they still put them there."

Mr Peters says it's typical of National's "jobs for the boys" - and he'll reverse it if he can.

"If there is a change [in government], they'll be coming home. They'd be very wise to think about that before they take the appointment. We want professionals who are putting their country first not their egotistical egregious self-interest first."

Mr Williamson will retire from parliament at the next election.