Old laws on the chopping block

Old laws on the chopping block

The end is nigh for 132 pieces of antique legislation which are set to be scrapped in a new Bill just introduced to Parliament.

Regulatory Reform Minister Steven Joyce's Statutes Repeal Bill will get rid of redundant legislation from as far back as 1879.

"As a principle you want to be trying to reduce the number of laws. We've gone through a long period of time where laws and the law books have been growing, and that can be very daunting.

Acts on the chopping block include the 1931 Hawke's Bay Earthquake Act and the 1971 Seamen's Union Funds Act.

In all, 124 pieces of legislation and eight parts of other Acts will be removed.

"Overall, through this Bill the number of public Acts on the New Zealand law books will reduce by more than 10 percent," Mr Joyce says.

Some other Acts being repealed:

The full list is available on the Parliament website.