Opinion: Labour's spin doctor exodus

Labour leader Andrew Little (Getty)
Labour leader Andrew Little (Getty)

They say bad things come in threes.

For Labour, it's three resignation letters from three press secretaries.

Three of its spin doctors have gone - it's chief press secretary and two underlings.

The media team has been absolutely decimated, with the election just a year away.

Combined with chief-of-staff Matt McCarten being shifted sideways, it is clear there are major problems in the Labour office.

Their chief press secretary Sarah Stuart finished eight weeks ago and hasn't been replaced.

Julie Jacobson's last day is this Friday.

Miles Erwin handed in his resignation a week ago.

That means there are only three press secretaries standing and the Beltway rumours are swirling that one of them may quit too.

The party will try downplay the exodus as just bad timing, but there must be underlying dysfunction for so many to leave at once.

Perception is everything in politics and three press secretaries abandoning ship in the space of three weeks is a sign that all is not well with Andrew Little at the helm.

And the exodus will make it hard to lure good people to the roles. No one will want to apply for a job on a sinking ship.

How will Labour win an election without a team of spin doctors?

How will it hire a team of spin doctors without a chief spin doctor?

How will it hire a chief spin doctor without a chief of staff?

The remaining press secretaries will be worked off their feet for the next few days, weeks and months.

Labour needs to be careful they don't burn out and throw in the towel too.

Andrew Little shouldn't be dealing with staff problems and unhappy team with a year to go until the polls.

If Labour can't run its office, how can it run the country?