Parliament's Speaker is a bully - Winston Peters

Winston Peters (Getty)
Winston Peters (Getty)

Parliament's bad-boy Winston Peters has been thrown out of the debating chamber two days in a row.

The first was for uttering the word "crap" - which he doesn't think is that bad.

"Crap is not a swearword," he said.

And he says the reason he was thrown out was because he thinks Speaker David Carter is bullying him.

"Don't get up there and think you're going to bully me out of my fundamental rights," was his message to Mr Carter.

But Mr Carter said the use of the word wasn't the issue, it's Mr Peters' behaviour - and his second turfing of Mr Peters showcased it. 

"Whilst on my feet he actually yelled out for me to sit down while he wanted to speak. You cannot run Parliament with Members of Parliament showing that little respect for the Speaker."

While the Speaker says he doesn't take issue with the word "crap", one reason for being dismissed from the house is for using what's called "unparliamentary language".

Here are some of the words or phrases that have been outlawed in the chamber:

Parliament's Speaker is a bully - Winston Peters

When asked if he thought he was bullying Mr Peters, Mr Carter fought back laughter and responded: "No, I don't think so."

Mr Peters' ejections from the house this week bring his total to 51 times since the records started.

It could actually be more than 51 times he's been chucked out - the records only started in 1984, and Mr Peters has been an MP since 1978.

The first instance on record is 1985.

"The first instance was August 20, 1985, and the last today," a parliamentary librarian told Newshub.

"There was an ejection of a number of National Opposition MPs on February 27, 1985, but I was unable to confirm whether the Member for Tauranga was one of those members."