Peters confirms donation was made

Winston Peters
Winston Peters

Winston Peters has confirmed Indian businessman Roshan Nauhria made a $3000 donation to NZ First, but denies the cheque was given to him personally.

Mr Nauhria, one of the founders of a new political party, asked for an apology from Mr Peters after the NZ First leader said the New Zealand People's Party was race-based and had given money to National.

The businessman says the cheque was given to Mr Peters in an Indian restaurant around the time of the 2014 election, and Mr Peters put it in his pocket.

Mr Peters has since been accused of hypocrisy, which he vehemently denies.

"Yes, he did give money to New Zealand First," Mr Peters said on Tuesday.

"I didn't deny that and the treasurer has confirmed it, but the claim that it was given to me is demonstrably untrue."

Mr Nauhria isn't going to get an apology.

"Absolutely not... perhaps he was disappointed that I wasn't influenced when I attacked his race-based party," Mr Peters told RNZ.

He said there were three NZ First MPs at the restaurant at the time, and he's checking on whether one of the others was given the cheque.

Mr Peters was embroiled in a donations scandal in 2008 after denying in Parliament that millionaire businessman Owen Glenn donated $100,000 to NZ first.

It turned out Mr Glenn did make the donation, and Parliament's privileges committee censured Mr Peters.