Protesters fail to disrupt Key's speech

  • 03/07/2016
(Thomas Mead / Newshub.)
(Thomas Mead / Newshub.)

Demonstrators had threatened to disrupt Prime Minister John Key's speech to National's annual conference but they could muster only about 30 people.

They gathered outside the Christchurch venue today carrying placards mostly protesting about the trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade agreement.

Mr Key wasn't interrupted and later told reporters he had a message for the demonstrators.

"They should look at what the Government has done over the last eight years," he said.

"Not everyone is going to support a National-led Government but our motivations are honourable and I think the results we have been achieving are good ones."

Mr Key said he still stood by the TPP.

"It allows New Zealand to have access to hundreds of millions of consumers... they're free to protest, this is a democracy, but I'm proud of the Government's record."