Still no comment on Chiefs by Women's Minister

Still no comment on Chiefs by Women's Minister

It might not be a "no comment" from Minister for Women Louise Upston, but it's about as close as you can get.

"I won't comment on the specifics of any individual case," she said on Tuesday morning.

"But I will always comment on the issue as I have done."

The minister says how we treat women in New Zealand is a wider issue - it's not confined to rugby and therefore she sees no need to speak up against the Chiefs.

"I gave a statement that was more generally about the fact that New Zealanders don't just see rugby players or sportspeople as role models there are a whole range of role models across New Zealand and their behaviour counts."

And she continued to repeat variations of her written statement.

"We have a major problem in New Zealand with sexual and family violence and until l men across the country treat women with respect and treat them equally we will continue to have a problem."

When asked why she didn't offer advice to the Chiefs on the issue she said it wasn't her style.

"I'm not going to get involved with individual cases I've been consistent with that," she said.

New Zealand Rugby investigated the claims made by a stripper, named Scarlette, of inappropriate behaviour by members of the Chiefs during their Mad Monday post-Super Rugby celebrations.

The players were cautioned following the investigation.

The team's behaviour and the investigation was criticised by a number of high-ranking women including sexual violence survivors advocate Louise Nicholas, Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy and the Human Rights Commission also penned an open letter.

It was also revealed a second stripper, named Laura and who was hired by the team in 2015, wasn't spoken to in the investigation despite the Chiefs having her contact details.