Waiheke Islanders campaign for split from Auckland Council

  • 28/09/2016
Waiheke Island (Getty)
Waiheke Island (Getty)

The Local Government Commission is taking a ride to Waiheke Island today to hear locals' views on breaking away from Auckland Council.

A group of islanders calling themselves Our Waiheke have been trying to de-amalgamate themselves for years, with a recent online petition attracting close to 2000 signatures.

Spokesman John Meeuwsen doesn't see why Waiheke residents should pay for Auckland's infrastructure.

"Motorways and water systems, water systems, all those kinds of things, have no connection with Waiheke."

The commission will be running drop-in centres and community meetings Wednesday and Thursday.

"We believe that Auckland Council is not very well-placed to do things on Waiheke very well, and we believe it would be much better as a council unto itself," says Mr Meeuwsen.

About 8300 people live on Waiheke Island, about the same as Te Puke or Waiuku, neither of which have their own councils.