$6.50 wage proves slavery rife in New Zealand - Winston Peters


New Zealand First says an advertisement seeking cheap student labour proves modern day slavery is very much a problem in New Zealand.

A member of the party spotted an advertisement asking for "Asian student labour" on an Auckland Countdown noticeboard.

The employer was offering $6.50 per hour, cash, at Rayland Motel in Manukau.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters insists it shows a growing trend of students being sucked into semi-slavery.

"It demonstrates that out in the public not even behind closed doors, people are advertising in a way that breeches our laws when it comes to hiring people and paying them properly."

He says the students are being exploited because they cannot afford to live in New Zealand otherwise.

"It is seriously common and a whole lot of students are caught by economic circumstance and having to go along with it.," Mr Peters says.

"People are being underpaid by tens of thousands of dollars and in many ways they are the subject of semi-slave labour."

Mr Peters says it's often immigrants or students that are being ripped off by people from their own country.

"It's very well known by the immigrant community how it's happening and not enough is being done to protect our reputation as a first world country, and their rights to be in New Zealand, whether they be here temporarily or long term."

Mr Peters blames a lack of policing of advertising and work conditions.