Donald Trump replies 'true' when called a sexual predator

Donald Trump (AAP)
Donald Trump (AAP)

In a newly discovered video from 2006, Donald Trump appears to agree with a suggestion he is a sexual predator.

Trump smiled, laughed, and appeared to silently say the word "true" in response, as his daughter Ivanka Trump laughed beside him.

It has emerged amidst several accusations of sexual assault being directed at Mr Trump.   

Mr Trump appeared on Howard Stern's programme in 2006 alongside daughter Ivanka and Donald Jr to discuss his show The Apprentice.

During the interview, Stern asks Mr Trump about Ivanka's ex-boyfriend and whether she "gave into him sexually" or was still a virgin.

After that Stern asks, "Donald, do you ever discuss sex with your daughter?" to which Trump replies, "No."

Stern continues: "Donald, seriously, you know about sexual predators and things like that."

Co-host Robin Quivers interjects, "You are one!"

Mr Trump smiles and appears to mouth the word "true", while Ivanka laughs.