Hamilton mayoral race too close to call


One of the closest local body elections in history is playing out in Hamilton where the mayoral contest is down to 14 votes.

But it's hard to say which is the bigger race in the home of Hamilton's Andrew King.

He leads by a nose in the race to be Mayor but right now it's Bathurst is all that's on his mind.

"C'mon V8 racing, we've got to get our priorities right."

Andrew King has provisionally been elected Mayor after receiving 8676 votes, just ahead of Paula Southgate with 8662.

But special votes are still to be counted and neither candidate knows which way it will swing.

"It certainly could go either way and I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch. So it's anybody's game, it's very, very tight," Mr King says.

Meanwhile Ms Southgate says she is cautiously optimistic.

"Yesterday I found out it was 140 votes between us and now it's even closer I think I'm going to retain my optimism and see what the special votes deliver,"

 Special votes will decide the outcome and hundreds are still to be counted.

There is a chance of a recount if the final vote is close.