Key announces $15m for anti-drug initiatives


Prime Minister John Key announced on Monday that $15 million seized from criminals will be invested in anti-drug initiatives.

The initiative will include more funding for police and Customs, and an increased focus on treatment for drug abusers.

This year's funding is the highest ever to be allocated under the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act, and it will be used to clamp down on illegal activity and to combat "the scourge of methamphetamine and other drugs".

Mr Key says a total of $8.7 million would be invested to help hardcore users to kick drug habits, by investing in health-related initiatives including treatment facilities and funding "more innovative ways for police to work with health services to reduce demand".

"Police have restrained around $393 million of cash and assets since the Act came into force in 2009, and $138 million has been subsequently forfeited," Mr Key says.

"Today's announcement brings the total amount invested under the Act in anti-drug programmes to around $31 million."

These are the 15 initiatives that will be funded:


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