Lianne Dalziel wins Christchurch in a landslide

  • 08/10/2016
Lianne Dalziel (Simon Wong)
Lianne Dalziel (Simon Wong)

Lianne Dalziel has retained the Christchurch mayoralty in a landslide ahead of second-placed John Minto, with 98 percent of the vote counted.

Ms Dalziel, a former Labour MP, had 73,001 votes as of 1:45pm, and Mr Minto only 12,533.

Third-place went to Tubby Hansen on 1,362 votes, unless you count blank voting papers - of which there were 2695.

Ms Dalziel is a former Cabinet minister who represented eastern Christchurch for more than two decades.

She first assumed office as Christchurch Mayor on October 24, 2013 when the city was rebuilding from the devastating 2011 earthquakes, a process that is a continuing challenge.

The Press said the mayoral race in Christchurch only had two serious candidates who were "centre left versus further left" and it was a dreary race.

Mayor-elect Dalziel thanked voters for expressing their confidence in her leadership.

"The first term was tough but we now have a strong platform to build on.

"My first action will be to re-establish a strong team around the council table so we can focus on the regeneration opportunities that lie ahead and ensure that all of our communities can participate in the decisions to be made,'' Ms Dalziel said.

Joining Ms Dalziel at the council table will be five new councillors and 11 returning councillors.

Community Board chairs Sara Templeton and Mike Davidson have won council seats for the first time. Mrs Templeton won the council seat in the Heathcote ward with 3910 votes, while Mr Davidson won the council seat in the Papanui Ward with 3221 votes.

Anne Galloway was elected in the Halswell ward. Progress results put her 100 votes ahead of the next highest polling candidate.

In the Central Ward the founder of Rebuild Christchurch, Deon Swiggs, earned a council seat by securing 1327 of the votes cast.

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