Opinion: Sexist Donald Trump damned by his own prophetic words

Donald Trump (Reuters file)
Donald Trump (Reuters file)

Even Donald Trump thinks he shouldn't be President because of his sexist attitude - and he has known this for 23 years.

That is the incredible revelation in the TV3 Trump tape.

So now Trump should listen to his own prophetic words: his sexist attitude towards women makes him unsuitable to be President.

As Trump said: "It's fortunate I don't have to run for political office." 

They are Trump's own words - on tape, in the TV3 archive. 

It gives great insight as it shows Trump has always known his sexist views would wreck any political hopes.

Trump damned himself with his own words.

As each day goes by and yet another disgraceful sexist comment or action is added to the pile, Trump's own prophecy becomes more real.

He has always known his sexism would be his undoing. He has tried to gloss over it, to cover it up, to dismiss it as "locker room talk" - but the TV3 Trump Tape shows what he has always thought. 

Millions of women in America and worldwide will be saying it is unfortunate Trump didn't listen to himself in 1993.

But that just sums up Donald Trump's attitude - he even ignores his own advice.