People's Party leader will donate pay if he wins Mt Roskill electorate

Roshan Nauhria (Newshub.)
Roshan Nauhria (Newshub.)

New Zealand People's Party leader Roshan Nauhria has made a promise that he'll donate his entire parliamentary salary to charity if he wins the Mt Roskill by-election.

With Phil Goff winning the Auckland Mayoral chains and freeing up the Mt Roskill seat, there'll now be a by-election.

Roshan Nauhria - one of the party's founders - has confirmed he will be standing as the People's Party candidate in the by-election and with that confirmation he's dropped a big promise - to give up his salary.

"I will donate all that money," he told Newshub. "I'm not looking for any financial benefit. I'm definitely looking to work for the community so the community is represented very well, strongly."

Labour announced back in June that should a by-election be triggered, Michael Wood would be standing, National are yet to confirm a candidate, but it'll likely be Parmjeet Parmar - who stood there at the last general election and is currently a National List MP. The Greens will not be standing a candidate, nor will Act. New Zealand First is yet to decide - Mahesh Bindra contested the seat at the last general election.  

Mr Nauhria says there's a big difference between him and the other candidates.

"I'm doing it as a passion I'm not doing it for money. Michael Wood needs a salary or Parmjeet needs a salary I don't need a salary," he said.

There's also a difference in what salary the taxpayer would cough up - while Michael Wood and Parmjeet Parmar would take home a salary of $156,136, Mr Nauhria would be entitled to $171,137 - because he's the leader of the party.

"I'm not looking for money, you probably know I've got more than enough money."

Mr Nauhria is a successful businessman who's previously made donations across the political spectrum.

"I give my cheques to everybody," Mr Nauhria previously told Newshub.

That donating caused a bit of a stir when Mr Nauhria announced he'd formed his own party - Winston Peters attacking it before having to admit that New Zealand First had also been on the receiving end of one of Mr Nauhria's donations.

But now that spare political cash is all going to be funnelled into his own campaign.

"See I'm spending time and money and it's a passion and I'm spending on the election, I'll be going to spend a lot of my own money, whatever's allowed."