Women back Donald Trump in bizarre pre-debate conference

Donald Trump flanked by four female supporters (Facebook)
Donald Trump flanked by four female supporters (Facebook)

Donald Trump has rolled out four female supporters just an hour before his next debate in an attempt to discredit his rival and repair his image.

Mr Trump appeared before media in a news conference which was livestreamed on Facebook, where one of the women accused former US president Bill Clinton of rape and his wife Hillary of threatening her.

However, no mention was made of any further details.

Each of the women made a short statement, including: "They should all look at the fact [Mr Trump's] a good person, he's not what other people have been saying he's been, like Hillary so think about that."

Another woman, Kathleen Lily, said she cried when Mr Trump first announced his candidacy and said he'd make America great again.

"I think this is the greatest country in the world, I think that we can do anything, I think we can accomplish anything, I think we can bring peace to this world and I think Donald Trump can lead us to that point."

Juanita Broderick, who has long accused Mr Clinton of raping her, said during the livestream that Mr Trump got in contact with her after he shared a tweet she'd posted on social media.

"Mr Trump may have said some bad words, but Bill Clinton raped me and Hillary Clinton threatened me. I don't think there's any comparison."

Ms Broderick's allegations have been around since 1992, when Mr Clinton first ran for president. She claimed Mr Clinton had set up a private coffee date in her Arkansas hotel room after meeting her on the campaign trail, but instead used the time to sexually assault her.

She told the Washington Post that the encounter had left her upper lip "swollen and bruised" because he had been so forceful.

Ms Broderick also asserts that Hillary Clinton had made a comment to her at a fundraiser, in an effort to intimidate her and prevent her speaking publicly about the incident.

When quizzed by investigators in 1998, Ms Broderick had dismissed rumours circulating about her being sexually assaulted, describing the claims as "unfounded" and "untrue".

However in 1999, after being offered immunity, she retracted her earlier comments and said it was time to tell "the full truth" about the incident.

A friend of Ms Broderick's later told media she had been told of the alleged rape immediately after it was said to have happened.

Ms Broderick's claims have resurfaced as the election has heated up, with Ms Clinton constantly rebuffing any attempts to link her to her husband's alleged infidelity.

None of the women at Mr Trump's three-minute conference took any questions from media afterwards, nor did the Republican presidential nominee himself.

Mr Trump and Ms Clinton will face off in their second debate at 2pm (NZ time).