Conservative Party asks Ian Wishart to be new leader


Members of leader-less Conservative Party have approached Investigate magazine editor Ian Wishart and asked if he would take over the reins of the party.

Mr Wishart says he's declined the offer.

"I'm too busy to do it. I've had numerous requests from a range of political parties over the years, including Labour and New Zealand First," he says.

The Conservative Party has been on political life support since former leader Colin Craig was sacked by the board over claims of inappropriate conduct with his former press secretary.

Party spokesman Leighton Baker didn't know people within the party had asked Mr Wishart to be leader, but did know they had approached him.

"I know some people have asked him to be involved with the Conservatives," he says.

"Someone suggested his name as someone who could be valuable for the party, but he basically said 'not my cup of tea'," says Mr Baker.

Mr Baker says he is still on the lookout for a leader.