Judith Collins still thinks David Cunliffe is a 'moron'

Judith Collins (Newshub.)
Judith Collins (Newshub.)

Judith Collins still does not like David Cunliffe.

Even on the day he announced he was leaving Parliament she struggled to find a nice word to say - dishing up this backhanded 'compliment'.

"I think, ummm, I'm trying to think of something nice to say. Um, well he was really helpful in the 2014 election campaign for us," she said.

Ms Collins has never hidden her dislike for Mr Cunliffe, days after resigning as a minister in the storm before the 2014 election she called him a "moron".

When Newshub asked if she still held that opinion of him, her response was swift.

"Yeah. Pretty close, yeah."

She did admit she had "occasionally" had good interactions with him - while fighting back giggles. 

"I always try to look for something positive and um and I’ve always had nice conversations one to one with him. Occasionally. Over the years."