Cyber taskforce to combat online crime

  • 08/11/2016
Close-up of computer modem cable

A new Cyber Security Skills Taskforce has been developed to tackle a shortage of cyber professionals in New Zealand.

Cyber attacks cost the country $257 million last year, according to Communications Minister Amy Adams, who announced the taskforce on Tuesday.

"We know there is a lack of New Zealanders entering the profession at a sub-degree level, so the taskforce will focus on working with academia and industry to develop a level six course, with industry supported internships," Ms Adams said.

The industry is expected to have a global workforce shortage of up to two million positions by 2019, she said.

"New Zealand is competing for talent in a global market and it's important that the taskforce looks at ways in which New Zealand can grow its own talent."

Hewlett Packard chief technologist David Eaton will head up the eight person taskforce.

He has been on the government's Cyber Emergency Response Team advisory board in August.