Earthquake: Government extends support package to Wellington

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce (file)
Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce (file)

The Government has announced it will extend its support package to quake-affected businesses in Wellington, after its initial rollout in Kaikōura following the November 14 earthquake.

Support will be available to a small number of businesses that cannot operate due to cordons being in place.

"The package will only apply to businesses such as retail and hospitality which have been prevented from operating and will be unable to do so for some time," Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce said.

Around a dozen businesses around Molesworth St are expected to recieve the package, as well as 15 to 20 businesses in Tory St, and a large number in and around the Queensgate Mall in Lower Hutt.

The recovery package will provide up to eight weeks of support:

It will exclude businesses that have been able to operate from nearby premises or other branches, and those with continuity insurance.

Fifty-nine businesses in Kaikōura have received this subsidy so far, and payments have totalled over $600,000.

In total $7.5 million has been set aside for the package, and this will be reviewed before Christmas.