Gareth Morgan launches political party: 'I'm here to disturb you'


Businessman Gareth Morgan has entered politics, launching the Opportunities Party.

The environmentalist and economist unveiled his new career move in a video, which shows him standing on Parliament's lawn explaining why he wants to walk the corridors of power.

"The beef I have with establishment parties and career politicians is they try to do as little as possible," he says.

"They don't want their voters disturbed. Clearly I don't have that problem. I'm here to disturb you."

In a reference to Guy Fawkes Day tomorrow, one promotional image shows Mr Morgan standing in front of the Beehive with the tagline: "Let's light a fuse under this place".

Rumours have long circulated about Mr Morgan's political ambitions due to his commentary on political issues and the economy.

Gareth Morgan launches political party: 'I'm here to disturb you'

He was the keynote speaker at the Mana Party conference in 2014, campaigning for a universal basic allowance.

"The idea of the Opportunities Party is to help New Zealanders fulfil their aspirations," he says.

"I think this country isn't reaching anything like its potential. I want far more Kiwis having the same opportunities as I did over my career."

Mr Morgan is well-known for his war on cats, launching a campaign in 2013 to eradicate domestic cats and labelling them "natural-born killers" that destroy native wildlife.

He also holds strong views about climate change - his Morgan Foundation researchers have released three reports this year accusing the Government of cheating to meet our Paris Agreement target to reduce emissions.