Govt: Public service performance improving

  • 31/10/2016
Finance Minister Bill English
Finance Minister Bill English

The Government's mid-year stocktake says there's a steady improvement in public services against 10 "challenging" targets set in 2012, but crime statistics spoil the picture.

The Better Public Services (BPS) mid-year report outlines progress against targets which include reducing long-term welfare dependence, reducing assaults on children, increasing infant immunisation, increasing educational participation and reducing recidivist and violent crime.

"These outcomes have been achieved by some long-term changes in the behaviour and approach of the public services," Finance Minister Bill English said.

"Four years after the targets were first set, a lower number of hard core issues are left to be resolved."

However, not all the figures are positive and Justice Minister Amy Adams acknowledges that although crime rates are down on 2011 levels, the June quarter wasn't a good one.

"The latest figures highlight that more work needs to be done," she said.

The BPS crime measures in the June quarter were:

On the positive side: