Is Andrew Little New Zealand's Trump?

Is Andrew Little New Zealand's Trump?

A Labour MP has compared his leader to the newly elected US President, Donald Trump.

Napier MP Stuart Nash says it's possible that some voters in New Zealand are also disillusioned with politicians - so we could end up seeing a similar political shift in New Zealand to what has happened in the US. Although, he says it won't be to the same extent. 

"We'll find out within the next year I suppose," he said. "He tapped into a very very rich vein of discontentment with the political system.  I don't see that here."

"There is an underlying discontentment and there has been for a long time and there always is but not to the same level and the depth that I perceive happened in the States."

He said he didn't think there was anyone who could play the role of Trump in New Zealand, however he did say Trump could have something in common with his leader Andrew Little.

"Trump won last night's election, if you want an analogy I think Andrew Little's going to win next year's election."

Wait, did he just call Little New Zealand's Trump?

"No, I called Andrew Little a winner."