Key, Turnbull to discuss detainees

  • 18/11/2015
Prime Minister John Key and Malcolm Turnbull (Getty)
Prime Minister John Key and Malcolm Turnbull (Getty)

The issue of the detention and deportation of Kiwis living in Australia will again dominate when Prime Minister John Key meets with his Australian counterpart Malcolm Turnbull at APEC.

The pair will be catching up informally in Manila tonight.

The meeting comes as Parliament passes legislation under urgency to ensure criminals being sent back to New Zealand are subject to monitoring and supervision when they get here.

The first group of around 20 Kiwis who have opted to come home while they appeal their visa cancellations is due to arrive in New Zealand tomorrow on a chartered flight.

Mr Key says he understands the vast bulk of those people have been detained on Christmas Island.

He'll be checking in with Mr Turnbull about how the processes to allow people to come home while their appeals are heard are working.

He also wants reassurances people who do lodge appeals get a fair hearing.

"A third to half of those who have been appealing have been successful," Mr Key told reporters.

"They're relatively low numbers at this point, but I'll just be wanting to reiterate to him the commitment he gave us there will be a fair hearing for people and hopefully those who have a community of interest and can genuinely make a case will have a successful appeal."

Mr Key will also be raising broader issues around the rights of New Zealanders living in Australia.