Labour's charter school Bill facing defeat

  • 08/11/2016
Labour's charter school Bill facing defeat

Labour's attempt to abolish charter schools faces defeat in Parliament as the Maori Party joins the Government in opposing it.

MP Chris Hipkins' member's Bill is due for a first reading vote on Wednesday and the Maori Party's position makes sure it doesn't have a chance of getting through.

Maori Party co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell says charter schools are having a positive impact and he's calling on all Maori MPs to vote against the Bill.

"They know in their heart of hearts that actually kura hourua are delivering for our people," he said.

Labour and the teacher unions fiercely oppose charter schools, set up under the support agreement the ACT Party has with the Government.

They are taxpayer-funded but can be run by business, community or church groups.

They don't have to hire registered teachers and can tailor their teaching to help students who are failing in the state system.

So far nine have been set up.