Māori Party gets RMA changes across line

(Facebook/ Māori Party)
(Facebook/ Māori Party)

A controversial overhaul to the Resource Management Act which National has failed to get across the line for years has gained the support of the Māori Party.

Co-leaders Marama Fox and Te Ururoa Flavell said in an announcement on Wednesday they successfully advocated for improved iwi participation, resolving their concerns with the Act.

Environment Minister Nick Smith says now an agreement has been reached, this will allow the bill to pass its second and third readings.

The changes will be the biggest reform to the Act in decades, and are touted by Dr Smith as removing unnecessary red tape when applying for resource consents.

The most contentious proposal is to add economic benefits to sections six and seven of the Act, which are currently primarily focused on environmental concerns.

It had been shelved since the last election after Government support partners United Future and the Māori Party told National they opposed the changes.