Opinion: Meet the Trump supporters


A crooked, dishonest swamp that needs to be drained or have a wall built around it - that's the world according to Donald Trump's supporters at his rally in Miami on Thursday.

They say certain phrases a lot: "Drain the swamp", "Crooked Hillary", "dishonest media" and "build the wall".

"Drain the swamp" is a reference to changing Washington, removing the corruption that Trump supporters believe has taken control there.

Getting up close and personal with Trump's passionate supporters is, shall we say, interesting.

Their hatred for Hillary is visceral, although they are a little nicer to the dishonest media.

And, yes, they really believe Trump will build that wall with Mexico.

A visit to Trump-land means you have to suspend your own disbelief.

It's tempting to write them off. But to do so would be a mistake.

Whether their candidate wins or loses, Trump's supporters have already rewritten the political script.