Minister: Lack of respect for women rife

  • 14/09/2016
Women's Minister Louise Upston (file)
Women's Minister Louise Upston (file)

Lack of respect for women is rife in New Zealand, says Women's Minister Louise Upston.

She's been criticised for failing to condemn the Chiefs Super Rugby side over the stripper incident, and on Wednesday told Parliament there was more to the problem than a single sport.

"If I was to comment on every single case I was asked to comment on, there would be nothing else I could do," she said.

"Because it is rife in this country.

"It's easy to anchor it on a single sport when the reality is that there are men up and down this country who don't respect women - and this is the fundamental issue why we have such significant rates of family and sexual violence."

Ms Upston said she was proud of the way the Government was tackling the problem, and referred to the changes to domestic violence laws announced on Tuesday.

"If members want to play personal politics, go for it," she said.

"When I came to Parliament I said I would focus on the issues."