MPs disgusted by 'sick' Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki

Labour MP Grant Robertson (Simon Wong/Newshub.)
Labour MP Grant Robertson (Simon Wong/Newshub.)

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki is being blasted by politicians over his claim that homosexuals caused this week's seismic events.

Intelligence and Security Minister Chris Finlayson says Mr Tamaki is a "sick puppy" who needs counselling.

Fellow National MP Steven Joyce claims it's "highly unlikely" that gay people are to blame for the quakes.

"In science we deal with probabilities and I'd say it's up there around 99.9999999999 percent no," he says.

Labour's Grant Robertson didn't hold back, calling the self-ordained church minister a "ridiculous, irrelevant bigot" who should be ignored.  

"I've done a degree of scientific research into this and consulted a number of experts and I've concluded that gays are not responsible," says Mr Robertson.

Anglican minister-turned Labour MP David Clark threw his theology degree at Mr Tamaki, saying he resents the kind of implications that he's making.

"I'm familiar with the scriptures and I know that a lot of the world view he's projecting is based on Victorian morality and has nothing to do with Christian values," he says.

Green MP Denise Roche saw the funny side, saying  "sex just can't be that good" to cause quakes.  

There was no holding back from National backbencher Paul Foster-Bell, who is calling Mr Tamaki a "disgrace".

"Brian Tamaki, I think you're a fraud, you're a crook, and I think you should stop sending out such ridiculous medieval messages to the New Zealand public," he says.