MPs told to use stairs - in a 22-storey building

Bowen House (Hayden Eastmond-Mein/Twitter)
Bowen House (Hayden Eastmond-Mein/Twitter)

MPs who have offices in Parliament's 22-storey Bowen House have been told to bring gym shoes and be prepared to scale the stairs to get to work.

Parliamentary Services has advised all those based in the precinct that the building's lifts have yet to be cleared by structural engineers, and since Wellington has a number of high rises it could be a while before they get to them.

"The lifts in Bowen House may be out of order tomorrow, there are just too many lifts around the town for the lift mechanics to get to in one day," an advisory email stated.

Whoever said bureaucrats don't have a funny bone was wrong - the advisory also outlined the need for sensible shoes to tackle the climb.

 "Please bring or wear shoes suitable for 'the vertical gym' - the stairs."

The Beehive, Bowen House, Parliament House and the Parliamentary Library have now all been inspected by structural engineers and cleared. 

Bowen House is home to the Greens, New Zealand First, Maori Party, Act and some National Party MPs.