New measures to curb family violence

  • 12/09/2016
Prime Minister John Key (AAP)
Prime Minister John Key (AAP)

The level of family violence in New Zealand is unacceptably high and new measures are needed to curb it, Prime Minister John Key says.

He'll announce those measures on Tuesday, and says they'll focus on faster and more effective intervention.

"I will be making a significant announcement," he said on Monday.

""Police respond to 110,00 family violence callouts a year and kids are present at nearly two-thirds of them.

"The Government is committed to doing all we can to ensure New Zealanders are protected from family violence ... women need better protection."

Mr Key says the new measures will build on those already initiated, which included increased penalties for breaching protection orders, making the homes of 750 victims safer by installing alarms and locks, and the new disclosure regime which made it easier for police to release details of a person's violent criminal past to a concerned partner.