Oil protest at Todd's offices in Wellington

  • 26/09/2016

Protesters are targeting the Wellington headquarters of Todd Energy Corp, which is part of Todd Corp, one of New Zealand's largest and most successful companies.

Oil Free Wellington has organised a protest at the privately owned company's offices on Monday, saying the company focuses on fossil fuels rather than renewables.

Todd's subsidiary, Nova, is seeking consent for a gas-burning power plant in the Waikato region and is beginning construction for another gas-burning power plant in New Plymouth, Taranaki.

"Todd Corporation prides itself on its philanthropic image; but the most philanthropic action the Todds can take would be to stop fracking and exploring for oil and gas, and to look after the climate for all New Zealanders," said Oil Free Wellington spokesman James Barber.

The company declined to comment.

The Todds have been in business in New Zealand since 1884 and were involved in the large offshore Maui gas and oil field discovered in 1969.

Their investments include oil and gas exploration and production, electricity generation, energy retailing, property development, minerals, healthcare and technology.

Todd Energy has previously said fracking is safe. It does it under New Zealand regulation and at international industry best practice and has had no incidents of fresh groundwater contamination.