Opinion: From arch enemies to best buddies

Opinion: From arch enemies to best buddies

The thing I do like about New Zealand politics is when the powerhouses come together for the common good, and we have just seen it happen on the world stage.

Prime Minister John Key has publicly stood in front of the United Nations General Assembly and told them that it's time for Helen Clark to be Secretary-General.

When the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, snubbed Kevin Rudd, didn't that show how divided and toxic Australian politics is? But not us.

Yes we have our fights, but we are fighting for this on the international stage, as NZ Inc.

I saw Ms Clark and Mr Key fight toe-to-toe when I worked in the Press Gallery for TV3. All those scraps have been put behind these two, in the wider public and national interest. Well done.

It's called pragmatism and we do it well. We have to as the small guy on the big stage.

This is what the Prime Minister just told the General Assembly at the United Nations:

"In April I was very pleased to nominate former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark to be the first UN Secretary-General from the Pacific.

"This is not the time for a business-as-usual appointment for Secretary-General. We need someone who is up to the job.

"The next Secretary-General must have the courage, experience and skills necessary to lead this organisation, to keep it relevant and responsive.

"I've worked across the political divide from Helen Clark for years and I know her to be a natural leader.

"She rallies people together to find the common ground, even when the issues are difficult and the differences vast.

"She gets things done.

"We think it's time for a Secretary-General like Helen Clark."