Quakes hit as MPs debate in parliament

Quakes hit as MPs debate in parliament

While parliament took time to discuss the impact of yesterday's earthquake, politicians got a shake up themselves.

A strong 5.8 magnitude aftershock struck during parliament's question time. 

It struck as National MP Matt Doocey questioned Finance Minister Bill English about the steps the government was taking to respond to the earthquake.

As he sat to allow Mr English to answer, the debating chamber started shaking.

English started answering regardless.

"The shorter term steps have been outlined by the Prime Minsiter and the Minster in charge of earthquakes."

He then paused to take in the quake while Prime Minister John Key looked up to check how bad the shaking was getting.

An MP is heard shouting "it's working" before Mr English finishes his answer.

Mr Doocey proceeded to ask another question, which the Finance Minister answered with a bit of humour.

"This time I'll be more careful what I say."

Ten minutes later there was another jolt - this time due to a shallow 5.2 quake near Seddon.

Wellington Central MP Grant Robertson was also asking a question of Finance Minister Bill English at the time - he let out a small chuckle while asking.