Winston Peters on US election: 'You had a revolution today'

  • 09/11/2016
Winston Peters on US election: 'You had a revolution today'

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters, who predicted last week that Donald Trump would win the US presidential election, says the election result is "a dramatic lesson for the commentariat, pollsters and the political establishment".

Mr Peters correctly predicted the result in a speech to the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce.

"His victory results from the establishment treating ordinary Americans with contempt, and they are fighting back," he said on Wednesday night.

"Leading up to the election, 72 percent said they had no trust in Washington politicians - the greatest message for the elite is that the ordinary people in the Western world are not going to go on being ignored."

On Story on Wednesday night he said Americans had voted for a "revolution".

"Americans are right. They know that Washington is controlled by the elites. That's why you had a revolution today.

Mr Peters' populist politics and anti-immigration stance largely echoes Mr Trump's, and he says New Zealand media are "out of touch".

"This is the day when the most powerful people in democracy stand up - they're called voters. That's what democracy's about."