Andrew Little meets Andrew Big

Andrew Little and Andrew Big (Andrew Little/Twitter)
Andrew Little and Andrew Big (Andrew Little/Twitter)

Labour leader Andrew Little's come face-to-face with his knitted likeness.

Attending an end-of-year function for TV3's The Nation, Mr Little posed with the hand-made carpet print and met its creator.

"I'm curious about your inspiration," he told Whanganui artist Mark Rayner.

When the generous, full-frontal portrait was revealed in September, Mr Little said it wasn't "entirely accurate" - and he's sticking to that evaluation.

"There are some really well-educated guesses here. The only thing that's slightly wrong is the size of the arms," he said, not mentioning the portrait's other flattering features.

"The proportions are right everywhere I look, apart from the arms."

Rayner, who also made a carpet bearing Prime Minister John Key's visage, said he was inspired by "very unflattering" portraits of US President-elect Donald Trump.

"I thought maybe do a different spin on it and do something a little more flattering, and see what he reaction would be."

He didn't reveal if he was going to tackle any other political big-hitters, but host Patrick Gower suggested Winston Peters should be next.


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