Arise, Sir John Key? Bill English's hint at knighthood

Bill English and John Key (Getty)
Bill English and John Key (Getty)

A knighthood is on the cards for John Key who, on Monday, steps down from the role of Prime Minister after eight years.

Newly-elected National Party leader and Prime Minister designate, Bill English, says the issue is simply a matter of timing.

"I'm sure that at some time that'll be appropriate," he said.

Mr English went on to share a laugh with reporters when asked about a knighthood for Mr Key, saying "well it's not as if he's never asked".

Mr English was then probed about the different leadership style he would bring to the role of Prime Minister, compared to his predecessor.

"Look, I intend to continue the communication style of the Prime Minister [John Key] to the extent that that’s possible," he said.

Asked how he would summarise his future leadership compared to that of Mr Key, Bill English said it was early days yet.

"Well I don't think we can yet because there isn't yet an English-led Government - that will start this afternoon.

"In any case, the public will decide about those differences," he said.


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