Bill English: Get to know your new Prime Minister


Bill English found himself with the country's top job today after John Key's shock resignation last week.

We did a little research and put together these facts about our new Prime Minister.

In 2002 Mr English fought in the Boxing Fight for Life, raising money for youth suicide.

Nicknamed 'raging' Bill, he squared up against Ted Clarke, a former university colleague who beat English in a split decision.

Mr English reportedly sported a black eye at work the next day.

Mr English voted against the Civil Union Act in 2004 and went on to vote against the Marriage Amendment Bill allowing gay marriage.

When asked about his position on Monday, he said he's now changed his mind, after seeing the impact legalised same sex marriage has had on couples.

As a Catholic, Mr English has openly opposed abortion. In 1997 he said Parliament had "fallen short" in their "duty to protect the unborn child".

Over the years he has attempted to reduce abortion numbers by providing "other options" booklets.

Mr English voted against two Death with Dignity bills, which would allow a person with terminal illness to request medical assistance to end their life.

He called the 2003 Bill "a process by which we can validate the taking of a life.

"Pain is part of life, and watching it is part of our humanity. Many of us have become more human for watching it, whether or not we liked doing that," he said.