English-Bennett combo a strong pairing - commentator

Bill English (Newshub.)
Bill English (Newshub.)

A political commentator is predicting Paula Bennett and Bill English will make a strong pairing to lead National.

Ms Bennett's path to Deputy Prime Minister was swept clear on Saturday when Simon Bridges dropped out of the race.

Political commentator Chris Trotter says public opinion is a waiting game, but is likely to be positive.

"It remains to be seen whether the public takes to the English-Bennett combination, [but] John Key had a few months to prepare Bill English for this."

He believes they're a good mix of personalities and believes their dispositions will complement each other.

"Bill English is a very steady politician, rather dry but not a very demonstrative politician. Paula Bennett on the other hand is very effervescent, very bubbly."

Mr Trotter believes Mr English's experience will help with the transition, calling him the "intellectual firepower" of the current Government.

"Most of the policy work in this administration was done by Bill English," he says.

Mr English and Ms Bennett are expected to be voted in as New Zealand's next leadership duo on Monday.