John Key praises Lloyd Burr's resignation prediction

John Key praises Lloyd Burr's resignation prediction

Newshub's political reporter Lloyd Burr was the only journalist to guess the shock news the Prime Minister would resign, and he's been congratulated on it by the man himself.

When the Prime Minister's office put out a mysterious advisory about an unexpected news conference on Monday it left all press gallery journalists postulating wildly about what it could possibly be.

The Prime Minister's office said Burr was the only one to call and ask whether it would be John Key's impending resignation.

"No comment" was the answer. Indeed, it was the same answer to any other suggestion put forward by curious reporters trying to get a heads up.

But hours later, Mr Key confirmed the biggest news of his time as National Party leader and Prime Minister.

On Wednesday, takeaway coffee in hand, a relaxed Mr Key praised Burr's ability to predict the future.

"You are clearly more intuitive than your colleagues Patrick Gower, but even [former RadioLive political editor] Jessica [Williams] would feel somewhat concerned about her incapacity or inability to predict this and really I think in the history of time you will be marked down as someone who was legendary and with foresight and knowledge."

That was the longest answer he gave to Burr on Wednesday morning, with Mr Key declining to comment on anything to do with the three-person leadership race.