John Key resignation: Patrick Gower says 'this changes everything'

John Key (AAP file)
John Key (AAP file)

OPINION: John Key's resignation is a colossal and monumental moment in New Zealand politics.

The enormity can be judged by its impact: it changes everything.

John Key has been a simply incomparable force since he took over as National Party leader ten years ago.

For so long people have wondered "what would things be like if John Key wasn't leader of the National Party?"

Now people can wonder no more.

Right now, a political reset button has been hit. The force that has driven New Zealand politics for ten years is gone.

Others have a chance to fill the void. Bill English has a chance, Andrew Little has a chance and Winston Peters has a chance.

The simple fact is this: the Labour/Greens Opposition is in the best position it has been for ten years. That is testament to Key's extraordinary power.

Key spent eight years as Prime Minister and pretty much a career of "ups" with much less "downs". 

He has also secured his legacy as New Zealand's most popular Prime Minister by going out on top and on his own terms.

It is unique in New Zealand and on the world stage. This sets John Key apart.

He entered as an anti-politician and leaves as an anti-politician.

It is a monumental and colossal way for John Key to exit. It was a monumental and colossal political career.

And now, there will be monumental and colossal change in New Zealand politics.