John Key's last week as Prime Minister

John Key on the campaign trail in 2014 (Getty)
John Key on the campaign trail in 2014 (Getty)

After eight years as Prime Minister, John Key's last week showed us a more relaxed and easy-going side to his nature.

He even took time out to congratulate Newshub political reporter Lloyd Burr for predicting his big press conference last week was to announce his resignation.

Key made the odd public appearance over the last week and seems ready to wind down from the top job.

He also found time to make one last call to the Queen.

"I said I don't suppose you take unsolicited calls from lowly backbenchers do you and she said in a word, no. So I better get used to this brave new world I'm heading off towards."

And opposition MPs weren't about to let Key leave the job without throwing some final jabs.

Mr Key copped a ribbing from Green Party MP James Shaw in his final question time as Prime Minister.

"Does he have confidence in Jonathan Coleman and does he even know what he looks like?"

To which Key quipped: "Yes.. I'm pretty sure he's the one who's just over there (pointing). Given he's been in quite a number of my cabinets and I'm awake for most of them, absolutely."

And then just like that, he was gone, John Key never to return to the front bench.

A low-key exit from the house for the man who's been the key to National for the last 10 years.

On the plus side, English is a good name for puns too.