Laila Harre rejoining the Labour Party

Laila Harré (Briar Marbeck/Newshub.)
Laila Harré (Briar Marbeck/Newshub.)

Veteran politician and activist Laila Harré is returning to her roots and rejoining the Labour Party.

The former trade unionist was a Labour member from 1982 to 1989, when she resigned in protest over the Lange Government's 'Rogernomics' policies. She then went on to create the NewLabour Party, which became the Alliance.

Following the Alliance's disintegration, she became the first leader of New Zealand's Internet Party, which allied with the Mana Party to contest the 2014 election - and failed to enter Parliament. It was a venture she says she regrets.

Now, she's gone back to Labour - and Ms Harré says she's keen to stand as a Labour candidate at next year's election.

"It seems very clear to me that building confidence in Labour and supporting Labour is going to be an absolute precondition to changing the Government, and it's been a very good place to be," she says.

"People have raised with me the possibility of putting my name up. I'm definitely exploring that option. It's not a decision that I've made, there's no particular seat in mind."

On Twitter she said she has "total trust" in Labour leader Andrew Little, whom she used to work with as a lawyer in trade union disputes.

The Labour Party says they welcome her back to the fold - although she'll still have to go through the same selection process as other candidates.


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