Mt Roskill candidates push final day of campaigning

Mt Roskill candidates push final day of campaigning

A final day of campaigning for the Mt Roskill by-election had three candidates bumping into each other at every stop.

But the chance encounters didn't lead to many niceties.

There was a birthday surprise on the campaign trail for now 72-year-old Roshan Nauhria, who says all he wants to his birthday is to win.

The People's Party leader - having just formed his party - feels hopeful. He predicts if the turnout is 20,000, he'll get 8000 of those votes.

It's a quiet confidence missing from the other candidates, with John Key effectively saying his candidate Parmjeet Parmar would lose on Thursday and Andrew Little borrowing a defeat line on Friday.

"The sun will come up on Sunday and life will carry on," he said, after US President Barack Obama responded to Donald Trump's election last month with: "No matter what happens, the sun will rise in the morning."

When asked if he just stole Mr Obama's line, Mr Little joked: "Listen I'm not Melania Trump, I don't go stealing other people's speeches."

Mr Little says the campaign has been dirty.

"Members of the Indian community have been threatened by people that if they don't vote for National, there'll be consequences - that's on the record."

Meanwhile Ms Parmar's reaction to Michael Wood on Friday may have looked like a snub, but she says she does respect her candidates.

"I'm focused on running my campaign and yes I am [friendly], I respect each and every member of the community and also the other candidates."

Mt Roskill a two-horse race - but it's the unlikely outsider is the one feeling confident.