Labour gives English 'Cruisy Bill' nickname

Prime Minister Bill English (AAP)
Bill English (AAP / file)

'Cruisy Bill' could become the nickname of choice for Prime Minister English by the Opposition.

Labour deputy leader Annette King called Mr English 'Cruisy Bill' on Twitter today, stemming from what the party has called a "tardy" response from Mr English to US President Donald Trump's controversial immigration ban.

Labour leader Andrew Little - nicknamed 'Angry Andy' by National - backed that up, saying the Prime Minister was "cruisy" and "asleep at the wheel" in his response.

"Certainly a pretty response lackadaisical to anything at all," he said.

"He's got a country to run, he's the new Prime Minister. He's meant to be bringing new drive and energy to it and I haven't seen any evidence of that."

Mr English's decision to cancel his regular post-Cabinet press conference on Tuesday and instead hold it on Wednesday has also drawn criticism from Labour.