Labour, Greens contemplate Ohariu deal

Labour and the Greens are mulling over an electorate deal in Wellington's Ohariu seat.

The Greens might not stand a candidate there, in a bid to oust veteran United Future MP Peter Dunne.

But the Greens have let slip they don't really like the candidate Labour's likely to front.

The Labour candidate is tipped to be ex-police association boss Greg O'Connor. Leader Andrew Little says no decisions have been made, but there has been a conversation.

"I've known Greg for a long time and I've spoken to him more recently," he says.

But here's the problem - Mr O'Connor is a vocal advocate for arming police and a staunch opponent to drugs. Those views don't sit too comfortably alongside the Greens.

When asked if she supported Mr O'Connor's stance on arming police, Green co-leader Metiria Turei said there were "not many" stances of Mr O'Connor's that she did support.

And questioned again whether she agreed with many of his stances, she said "no, not on many of his stances".

Ms Turei says any electorate deal would need to come after a conversation between the Greens and Mr O'Connor.

"I'm really interested in hearing from Greg more about his broad views because it's been quite narrow with his role in the Police Association," she says.

And she stressed no decisions had yet been made.

"We'll make a decision on whether we'll stand in Ohariu in time and we haven't made that decision yet."

Mr Dunne got 13,569 votes at the last election, just ahead of Labour's candidate, who got 12,859 - a majority of just 710 votes. If the Green candidate's 2764 votes swung Labour's way, they would have won.

To get rid of Mr Dunne could really help the Left, but to get there the Greens would essentially have to swallow a dead rat.

The question for them is, how far will they go to get into Government?