Peter Dunne takes on summer holidays

United Future leader Peter Dunne (Newshub.)
Peter Dunne only wants a short break over Christmas (Newshub. / file)

United Future leader Peter Dunne is taking on the summer holiday period, saying we should be adjusting the days as climate change alters weather patterns.

Mr Dunne says the best weather tends to line up with the February-March period - when students are back in school.

"The kids are back at school in hot, stuffy classes and [are] a bit grumpy, the teachers are not happy being back in the classroom at that time of year, and it's a much more settled period for people to have their holidays," he told RadioLIVE.

His solution? A short break at Christmas, then businesses and schools have their long holiday period mid-February to mid-March.

"I think there's a lot of support for the idea and even the people who are negative about it are pretty half-hearted," Mr Dunne said.

"We shouldn't be just hidebound into having our holidays at this time of year because we've always had them at this time of year.

"If you go back a few years the idea of daylight savings was abhorrent to most. We've now got to the point we have six months of daylight savings a year."

Mr Dunne says schools would just need to alter the timing of their semesters, as the only requirement they face is to open a certain number of days, and tourists come whenever they choose anyway so it won't alter tourism.


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